Life can be more enjoyable when blended up with some experiments, which end up adding some more spices and opening new directions, which gives a person enough energy to embrace new opportunities. It is also said that love is an essential part of life, which gives you a reason to live life, also gives your professional life an assurance, that there is always something to achieve in emotional terms, even if life is not so fair to you sometimes. A life lived in love and joy thus can never be dull. To love or to make love one definitely needs to have a good company, whom you can count to be always beside you whenever you need. There must be some sudden desires, which clog your mind and you need that utmost pleasure right away, to restart again. Hey guys, I want to welcome you all to a life of paramount pleasure and utmost joy of making love. I am Rashmika Roy an independent escort service in Bangalore.



If you have been to Bangalore before, you must know that it’s called the city of joy. The joy of living life, bumping into scrumptious delicacies and erotic and sizzling love making companions; with all these features Bangalore is the most wonderful metropolitan of the country. Now when you have already explored the places of Bangalore and have had enough food to drool over, experience the rest of the merrymaking of the city, making love in a wonderful and experimental way.



I am very much passionate, seductive, thrilling, beautiful, sexy, hot and sincere about my job, thus you can call me as one of the best escort service in Bangalore. The beauties of Bengal is specially known for having big boobs, curvy body, large butt and sexy pussy. I am a package of all the above things mentioned and you cannot get enough of me just in one go. My body is as slick as the feather and my skin is glowing like a new baby, and I can definitely turn you crazy about me, as soon as we meet for the first time.

Staying in Bangalore and serving the field for a long time, I have achieved many appreciations and have bagged a numerous customers from across the city and outside. Bangalore is often visited for job, work, business, vacation and other many purposes by the Indians and the foreigners. After roaming here and there they all need to have some good rounds of sex at night. Dreams can turn into reality with Bangalore escorts.


Be it your wildest fantasy of being surrounded by multiple hot divas or spending a night with a soft, curvy call girl on bed. Be it stay dived in the swimming pool with me or walk in to your best friend’s cocktail party with a jaw-dropping gorgeousness. I understand your needs may vary by time and each occasion. Also I understand that for many living out the Bangalore Escort fantasy or having that “perfect one night stand” experience is an infrequent or even once in a life time event, and thus you are certainly in the right place.


Whatever be your desires, taken from a perfect body massage to an overwhelming pampering, from a dick massage to an erotic blow job, from trying different sex positions to become a protagonist of your favorite Kama sutra sequences, from mild to wild to even wilder, let me identify your fantasy and I will do everything I can, to make it happen.


I understand that having the right companion is all about attraction, so when you desire a genuine girlfriend experience I will do all I can to find the right plan to match your tastes and desires. As a Bangalore escort I am skilled in matching the perfect chemistry with my clients, either you are my new client or you are a repeated one, I am the girl next door to all of my clients and the chemistry is made within some fraction of time and you can enjoy a passionate love making afterwards.


I am pioneering in the field of providing escort services in Bangalore. If you are a resident of Bangalore, a tourist or even a visitor in Bangalore, and you want to spend some quality time to relax your body, mind and soul from your daily chores I can promise you to rejuvenate you to the best version of yourself and I make sure you get what you want and I only make promises I can keep. Not only me but other challengers in the same arcade also accept the fact, that I possess the most elegant clients in my catalog, and my customers are elite and fun loving.


I have my own charm, I am beautiful without doubt, and I am spontaneous, playful, wild, very attractive and sassy. So if you lose a few drops in the very first meeting, don’t blame me as I am already making you alert of what I got with me. I travel to the most part of the country in sake of addition of more new and good profiles of clientele to my catalogue, and I can confidently claim my position to be the best escort services in Bangalore.  Once you are my new client I pay all my courtesy to your necessities, also when you are my recapping customer I welcome you with the same eagerness and make you feel like as you are going to experience a whole new thing in your entire lifetime.


So don’t hesitate, and call me as soon as you land to Bangalore, and give me the chance to serve you with my service. You can pre-book with me, can ask for my profile over email and there is no time limit for my service, as I am present 24X7 at your service and I can avail you my service as per your comfortable time. I am prompt and are very keen to serve my business in the well-dressed way possible. So call me soon at let us have the privilege of getting you on board.

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Hello folks, welcome to my realm of gigantic seductiveness and glamour. I am Jasmine, an elite call girl in Bengaluru. As my name implies I am as garden-fresh as a flower petal and I am your desired companion for the night. I am jaw-dropping gorgeousness that once you see me you will be enforced to turn your heads again and again. I maintain a good figure and also have a fair complexion and have good vital statistics. If you call me sexy, then you will be immoral as I am not made to be described in only one adjective. I am seductive, hot, stunning, curvy, erotic and most importantly I am skilled in the field for which you are going to hire me.

With years of experience of the field, I am counted in the list of Top notch escort in Bengaluru. I am a common name in the mouths of elite and high-class clientele, who are working with leading MNCs, are business owners, High paid employees and mostly the rich community of people. Everyone in this world doesn’t have the same kind of taste thus I am not easy to handle by all. One needs to have an impulse of getting top class things in hand to be able to appreciate my luster.

I have been in bed to many clients from Bengaluru, Suburb and even from abroad. People who visit India for business commitments and as you know Bengaluru is one of India’s most prominent hi-tech city, Bengaluru get to experience many foreign travelers from across the globe. I have thus attended many foreign clients as an independent call girl in Bengaluru and have pleased the desires of many of them. Not only a girl to be with you in bed, but I am an amazing company to follow you everywhere you want me to. I can dive in eroticism with you in my favorite set of bikini, in the attached swimming pool of your hotel room, can escort you if you are willing to go for a long drive, and can spend the entire night dancing on romantic songs after sipping some awesome drinks with you. Mainly, my charm is like the fluidity of water that can be fitted in any shape of vessel you wish to.

I am one of the very romantic Bengaluru Call girls, and every client is like my own man I need to satisfy. I caress my clientele like my own boyfriend thus you with me will always get a personal hint as you get from your wife or girlfriend. I love to read and travel. Especially luxury magazines are good reads for me and thus I gain a piece of extensive knowledge about using suitable props where needed to take you to the peak of orgasm. I am friendly and at times more than just friends with my clients, thus you can share your special wants and desires without hesitating and I can make sure that I cover them all in one go. Taken from the first meeting to the regular encounters you will find me afresh and new every time. I don’t believe in living an average life, thus I follow my beauty regime with an oath to look even hotter the next day. I have loose curls which reach till my waistline and I am proud of my personality. People say I am a beauty with brain, and at times my clients end up discussing their professional landings with me even, and they complement my intelligence like anything.

I have traveled to many countries to avail my services in many places and also taken some good tactics of lovemaking from wherever I liked any. I love experimenting with making love. For me, there should not be a monotonous way of making love. Love making should not sound like having the same food every day, rather it should sound more fun and excitement. So if I become disobedient in bed don’t blame me that you are not aware of my wickedness. If you watch porn movies regularly or dream to have such blonde beauty in your arms someday, then boy you are just in the right hands. You can confuse me with any other Bollywood celebrity. My elegance and makeup will definitely be going to make a mark in your heart and body of course. Love making is my passion, thus I am never satisfied, nor will I be fulfilled in little. I have immense patience to touch your body gradually and let you try different postures of making love with me before you release yourself inside or outside my vagina. I have a visibly pink vagina that exactly looks like a budding rose and may drive you crazy that you will urge to come inside me as soon as our session will get started. I can turn you on easily in no time and simultaneously I can go wet down there in no time as I am always on as I said before. I always remain hungry when you talk about having sex. I love to try new people every day, the way you might like to try new call girls in Bengaluru. Thus I chose this as my profession, which gives me enough finance to be economically independent and the job is something really close to my heart and I enjoy serving as an elite escort.

If you have gained previous experience in spending nights with Bengaluru escorts even before, you are going to have a completely new experience this time. I am not compared to any other average escort girls but I am beyond what you may think about an escort girl in Bengaluru should be. I can challenge you that in your entire life you hardly have had the experience of seeing such a classy and beautiful escort in front of your eyes. I am not showing off my beauty but I am just making you aware of what my existing clientele say about me. If you are coming through any references then you must know the reality check of the adjectives I used to describe myself.

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